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                         Paul Memorabilia

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Due to my new found knowledge of shipping the stand up will be sold local pick up or delivery only... Unless someone really wants to pay a whole LOT of money for shipping.


                                Yeah, I didn't think so. 

Stand Up Paul store display from the Off The Ground album.

This cut out stands around 5 feet tall.  The photo is from the waist up. The lower section is black with writing about the album on it. It looks like legs at first glance however.  

My husband brought this home from his very icy,and dark military temporary duty to Norway. He simply walked into the store and asked if he could have it for his wife.  Aren’t they nice in Norway?? 



                       *Item moving to Ebay*

Fifteen ticket stubs etc from Paul concerts in California and England. 1990 through 1993. Also some from Tokyo, March 1990 where I got to meet Paul and Linda due to winning a VH-1 contest.  

VH-1 binoculars and guitar picks from the New World Tour of 1993.

One Tour Book for  the  1989/90 tour, the large one you had to buy. 


 Paul tour booklets for 1989/90 tour. I have five still available. People were leaving these on their seats as they left.
Only a small sense of greed kept me from grabbing 
even more of them.                                                                             $1.00 each
                                                                                                                 2 Sold
Tour book for 1993 tour, the large one you paid for.                       SOLD
Five still available, of the booklets you were given for the 1993 tour. They all are in fairly good shape.                            $1.00 each
                                                                                                                 2 Sold

Two photo phone cards from Tokyo, March 1990.
         No idea if they have any minutes on them or not. 
         I just wanted them because they were cute.   
         Maybe you will too.                                                                    $2.00 for set
Pins/badges;    Beatles for Sale, MMT, Abbey Road, cut-out Paul with guitar,  and unofficial one from Paul’s 90 tour .                                                   $2.00 for  set
Two sets of Paul postcards ten each.                                                SOLD
Set of two album store displays:                                                        SOLD

A set of four pictures of Paul, I believe the piano shot is an actual photograph. I’ll try to find out for sure.  Plus great photo postcard of Paul by Linda.

                                                                                                               $1.00 for set

Another set of four pictures of Paul at least one is a photo. Not sure about the early one. I tried to write this stuff down as I went through it all but guess I missed a few.                                                                                         $1.00
A set of five large glossy photos. Three are from one of the early 90s tours. One is circa 1973 or 74? and one is a promo shot from the Tug of War era.


Magazines:                                                                                          $2.00 each

Life                                                         April 1971                             SOLD      
Grooves                                                          1978                                                        Smoking hot photo of Paul in leather.
Rolling Stone                                         July 1975

Rolling Stone                                        Aug  1986
Rolling Stone                                      June  1989
Rolling Stone                                      Feb    1990

Q magazines                                                                                      SOLD  

Five Music magazines.                                                                    $2.00 for set
4  Musician mags,   1    Musician and Recording World.

7 assorted magazines.                                                                   $2.00 for set
Fame, Guitar World, Record, Autograph, Songwriter, Rhythm,
Playing Keyboards. 

US and People magazines  Linda tributes.                            SOLD

AARP and Modern Maturity                                                         $1.00 for set

                               British set:  $1.0o
Radio Times                                          June 1992
Satellite Times                                      May 1991  

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