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Beatles  Memorabilia




     Applause  Black Suit  Beatles Dolls


2 New Paul  and Glove from Yellow Submarine figurines.  Never been opened. 

                                                                                                          $2.00 each
                                                                                                           1 SOLD

 Yellow Submarine  “Lunchbox”  4”x7”    New in shrink wrap.


Three small 100 piece double sided  Beatles puzzles, unopened:  
One unopened puzzle 550 pieces. Early Beatles photo.  

Two unused 1997/1998  Year in A Box calendars. Photos and Beatles facts on every page.                                                                                      $1.00
Four  holographic Globe special digests.                                       $2.00

John Lennon greeting card, blank inside                                     $1.00

Beatles Let It Be mouse pad.                                                         SOLD
 Complete set of River Group collector cards.                             SOLD
 One set of 106 River Group set of cards, incomplete, no repeats.   
One incomplete set of 74 River Group cards, no repeats.

One incomplete set of 16 River Group cards, one repeat, and 
three Unopened packs of River Group cards.                               $1.00
Incomplete set of Sports Time cards with some foil wrappers. 
Four TV Guides 2000, one for each Beatle, plus one with Paul on the cover from same era.                                                                                             SOLD

One large postcard with one large glossy photo from Rain video shoot $1.00

12 Beatles postcards                                                                          SOLD
11 Greeting cards (10 with envelope) blank with Beatles songs related covers. The 11th card is a cutout collage of Beatles pictures.                           $2.00 
One  10 x 14 sepia photo mounted on cardboard, still in wrapper. Press conference photo, circa 1965?                                                                             $2.00
Pink background, Yellow Submarine stationary with envelopes. Might be missing a page or two and an envelope or two.                                                                                  $2.00
Two Beatles gift bags.                                                                         SOLD        
Two cloth patches, Liverpool Beatles store.                                    SOLD
Pins Beatles cartoon,Beatles key ring, Julian, Wingspan

19 old Beatles calendars. Not much good except for the lovely photos. Some of them are very large calendars I got while in Britain and have beautiful pictures of the lads.  

                                                 Pay postage and they are yours. 
One 9  inch  cardboard cutout greeting card. Very thick cardboard. Does have writing on the back but would make a nice desk ornament. Has never been used as stand up.                                                                                             $1.00
Two Fanzines from the 80s:                                                            $1.00
Paperback Writers,    Goodday Sunshine.

                                  This is some older stuff from the 1960’s                           
 An accordion booklet with photos of the Beatles                             SOLD
A set of photos ‘cards’ from 1964 with ‘autographs’ on them. Two of Ringo, one each of John and George. No Paul.                                                     $2.00
Small paperback ‘All About The Beatles” 1964. Fair condition.     $1.00
Sheet music for Eight Day’s a Week                                                  SOLD
An old and very used condition post from the White Album.         $1.00

Almost two sets of the photos that came with the White Album.  Two each of John, George and Ringo. For some odd reason there is only one of Paul. I also have a transparency of Paul’s photo that I could add to this set that is great for making transfers on T-shirts etc.                                                                   $2.00
                        Magazines: $2.00 for each magazine or set as listed.

  Life   (very bad condition)                        Nov  1968
 National Lampoon                                       1977
 Life  (pool photo)                                          1984
Q     (best Paul and John pic)                    1999
 Rolling Stone                                                 2001  
Rolling Stone                                                 2004
3  mid 70’s magazines with gold leaf flyers attached.                      SOLD
4         80s magazines                                                                           $2.00 
CD Review, John Lennon Tribute, Forever Beatles, Life Reunion Special
6          Mid 70s  set of magazines                                                       $2.00 
Welcome Back, Beatles are coming, Super Stars, Beatles Story.
9           Mid 70-80s                                                                               $2.00 
Forbes, Dynamite, Jammin, People, Circus, Vidiot, Beatles Forever,  and 2 others.
John Lennon Tribute           Winter  1980                                         $2.00

                                 Posters  $2 for small and $4 for large.
12 various photos of the Beatles                     28x34" 
Very worn, torn around edges
Painted effect head shot poster                     24x36"
Very good, never displayed
Men In Tights                                                   22x34"     
Very old,   magazine poster in bad shape
White Album photos                                      26x72"
Very good, never been displayed. 
Renaissance  Minstrels                                  24x24"
70's,   worn with tape marks small tears at edges
Hey Jude photo                                                26x72"
Very good, never been displayed, slight wear on edges of roll


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