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Below are the issues of Club Sandwich I have on offer.  They are in good to very good condition. They are in whatever condition they arrived at my door basically.


Most of them have some wear on the fold line as most of them were mailed folded so I won’t put that in the conditions list. Pretty much take it for granted there will be some fold wear.


They have been kept stored flat in a Rubbermaid container.


Below I will add notes beside each issue number about any other flaws or extras such as posters included.


To see photos go to the Clubsandwich Slideshow. Play slideshow or click to see the next photograph. The photos may take longer than the slideshow gives them to load. In that case click for next image.



Issue #   -   Cover Photo                                       Condition




21 Buddy Holly Week                                             


22 Christmas




24 Ebony and Ivory                                          Edges slightly worn




25 Paul in front of keyboard


27 Paul and Linda   - Tug of War


28 Christmas Broadstreet




30 Paul, Linda, MJ, George Martin


31 Pipes of Peace photo,  poster included




32 Pipes of Peace video


33 Paul w/goatee, poster included                           SOLD


34 Broadstreet                                  No fold, wear on spine and cover


35 Neon Broadstreet sign                                  Mild scuff on cover




36 Beautiful photo of Paul and Linda                     SOLD


37/38 Live Aid                                                     Mild scuff on cover


39 Spies Like Us




40 Paul playing bass                                                   SOLD


42 Press to Play cover


43 Paul with raised hand, videos article




44 Ten year anniversary issue


45 Sgt Pepper photos


46 Paul w/guitar, All the Best




47/48 Pretty Little Head


49 Dr Rock


50 Paul and Linda photo




52 Paul in black w/black acoustic


53 Paul with guitar cases, On the Road Again




54 Paul on Stage, The Light Fantastic




55/56  Paul at soundcheck




57  Paul, Linda, Go Veggie


58 Secret Gigs, Paul on stage


59 B/W Paul on stage, Getting Back                        Mild cover scuff


60 Noel Noel, Liverpool Oratorio




61 Paul facing away, Incognito


62 Paul in studio, Hard at Play


63 Paul circa 1970 surrounded by Roses


64 Paul w/guitar case




65 Paul, Off the Ground


66 Paul on stage, World Tourist                               Mild cover scuff

67 Paul, piano on stage                                                          "


68 Paul crossing Abbey Road, Paul is Live                          "




69 Backstage passes, w/ poster


70 Paul, Linda at home


71 Paul circa 1975, Nashville Cat


72 Christmas, Paul, Linda w/snowman




73 Paul w/Elvis Bass, Oobu What?


74 Paul, Elvis Costello


75 Paul, Oasis


76 Paul, George, Ringo




77  George M. And Paul


78 Paul and a pretty nice girl                               Mild scuff on cover


79 Paul in shades


80 Paul in snow, Winter Greetings




81 Paul in limo, Yes Sir!


82 Flaming Pie


83 Paul looking up, Looking For You


84 Paul video shot




85 Paul in front of huge doors, Standing Ovation


86 Linda, tribute, last issue

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